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In order for cow feed to be available and available, it is necessary to have a natural source of cow feed because it is easily available and has a high level of availability, namely in the natural surroundings. This natural source is in the form of grass or leaves that can be consumed directly by cattle, the availability of the feed is not influenced by weather conditions so that it can be obtained anytime and in large quantities. The grass that is available in the environment can be eaten directly by the cows, but the leaves must be processed first to make it easier for the cows to eat. For example, oil palm leaves and fronds, because the size of the palm fronds is quite large, so they cannot be directly used, it is necessary to have a chopping process so that they can be consumed by cows. Of course, the census process manually can be done but it is not effective, it requires a lot of time and a lot of effort. Based on these problems, it is necessary to mechanize the chopping process in order to simplify the process. The purpose of science and technology for the community in cattle breeder farmer groups in general is to increase the quality and capacity of production, especially cattle. Meanwhile, in particular, this IbM activity is expected to collaborate between partners and proposers from educational institutions. Partners can develop their business because they can meet the need for more animal feed through appropriate technology machines in the form of animal feed chopper machines, while institutions can apply science and technology directly and apply their knowledge into appropriate technology and can also introduce Polman educational institutions to the wider community.</em></p> Pristiansyah Pristiansyah Hasdiansah Hasdiansah Sugiyarto Sugiyarto Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Polmanbabel 2021-03-18 2021-03-18 1 01 1 7 USAHA PERLUASAN KESEMPATAN KERJA BAGI ANGKATAN KERJA MELALUI PELATIHAN PADA BIDANG TEKNISI KOMPUTER https://ejournal.polman-babel.ac.id/index.php/dulang/article/view/147 <p><strong><em>Abstract</em></strong></p> <p><em>Indonesia faces challenges in the future to make the demographic bonus as a driving force for the economy or will it just be a burden on the State. To improve human resources competences and minimize the unemployment rate, one of the efforts undertaken is to undertake a vocational training program through cooperation with partners in each city. ISB Atma Luhur as a partner in collaboration with BPJAMSOSTEK held training in the field of computer technicians. This training is specifically intended for BP Jamsostek participants who are no longer working as well as several other requirements. Activities carried out include providing entrepreneurship and computer materials, home PC assembly practices, discussion of assembly problems, Windows installation practices, drivers and supporting software, and discussion of OS problems. The end result of this training is 15 trainees ability increase and given certificates so thay they can use them as training proof when they looking for work.</em></p> Burham Isnanto Ari Amir Alkodri Seno Hadi Saputro Ferry Bakti Atmaja Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Polmanbabel 2021-03-18 2021-03-18 1 01 8 13 IPTEK BAGI MASYARAKAT PEMANFAATAN TURBOJET DRIVE PRODUK 3D PRINTING UNTUK PERAHU NELAYAN SUNGAI DESA SEMPAN-BANGKA https://ejournal.polman-babel.ac.id/index.php/dulang/article/view/157 <p><em>Province of Bangka Belitung Islands has a large number of natural resources, including mining products, marine products, agricultural products, plantation products, and river products. One of the river products is fish and giant prawns which have high economic value which can be found in Bangka district, one of the places or rivers in Sempan village, Pemali sub-district. The river fishermen in the Pemali village fish and shrimp traditionally. The problem that occurs in these partners is that the boat still uses oars, this of course greatly slows down the movement in the river so that the catch of fish and giant prawns is small. Survey results on river fishermen partners on Sempan village, Pemali Bangka sub-district obtained data on the demand for a boat propulsion engine with low fuel consumption or a small engine displacement. The purpose of science and technology for river fishing communities is to increase the productivity of the catch of giant fish and prawns and as a means to save themselves from predators (crocodiles) when fishing for fish and shrimp in the river. The specific target of this IbM activity is expected to establish a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship between partners and proposers from educational institutions. Partners get the right technology in the form of Turbojet Drive, 3D Printing product with a fuel-efficient engine. Agreed to propose to replace the boat propulsion system which originally used wooden oars to be replaced with a special “Turbojet Drive 3D Printing Product” propulsion with a fuel-efficient 58 cc engine. By replacing the offered boat propulsion, it is hoped that the targets and objectives of this IbM can be achieved and the catch of fish and giant prawns will increase. Thus, it is hoped that the standard of living of river fishermen will increase by using the appropriate technology offered by the proposing team.</em></p> Hasdiansah Hasdiansah Pristiansyah Pristiansyah Indra Feriadi Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Polmanbabel 2021-03-18 2021-03-18 1 01 14 20 PENGABDIAN KEPADA MASYARAKAT USAHA PANGAN LOKAL BERBASIS TEPUNG UBI DI TEMPILANG KABUPATEN BANGKA BARAT https://ejournal.polman-babel.ac.id/index.php/dulang/article/view/146 <p><em>The development of various processed cassava with good quality will support local government programs in realizing food security through the development food diversification of local, namely cassava. This Community Partnership Program (PKM) activity is the Ubi Flour Processing Business Group in Tempilang Village. The sweet potato flour produced is made of processed products such as aruk rice, sweet potato noodles, and cakes. From the survey and analysis together with partners, the problems faced by partners, namely regarding production problems related to increasing production capacity and aspects of business management. So far, the process of the production stage is done manually which requires a lot of manpower and time so that it is less productive. From these conditions, the solution taken is first to procure a cassava flour squeezer which has a function to squeeze the sweet potato flour with the help of a threaded shaft drive system and a hydraulic pump with a tool capable of 5 Kg at a time, second is to carry out training on machine operation and maintenance so partners understand about the use and maintenance of tools properly and correctly, and third is to evaluate and monitor partners to measure the success rate of production problems, whether there has been an increase or not. During monitoring, before the press, the production process takes 30 minutes to produce 5 kg of sweet potato flour. However, with the squeezer it takes only 5 minutes to produce 5 kg of sweet potato flour.</em></p> Zaldy Kurniawan Muhammad Subhan Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Polmanbabel 2021-03-18 2021-03-18 1 01 21 28 PKM USAHA AIR SUSU KEDELAI UNTUK HOME INDUSTRY https://ejournal.polman-babel.ac.id/index.php/dulang/article/view/145 <p><em>Soy milk is obtained by grinding soybeans soaked in water. In producing soy milk, Mitra experienced problems because the equipment in the production process was still manual and very simple. So that the production time becomes long and has an impact on the lack of income due to the limited production equipment. The aim of this community service program is to assist household-scale soy milk producer partners in terms of improving the quantity and quality of soy milk products. The solution that we can do through this program is by providing and introducing a soy milk machine and explaining how to maintain the machine. Results or output targets achieved from community service for partners, namely partners have used soy milk production machines so that the quality and quantity of soy milk can increase. In addition, there is an increase in the number of customers and turnover of partners as well as an increase in understanding and skills of partners.</em></p> Masdani Masdani Ariyanto Ariyanto Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Polmanbabel 2021-03-18 2021-03-18 1 01 29 35 PKM PENINGKATAN PRODUKTIVITAS KELOMPOK USAHA PEMBUAT KULINER KHAS BANGKA https://ejournal.polman-babel.ac.id/index.php/dulang/article/view/153 <p><em>There are many indigenous cuisines of the Belinyu community, such as: Pempek (Kelesan), grilled satay (otak-otak), Model, Lenggang, Tekwan etc. These cuisines come from the processing of seafood and become targets of travelers for culinary hunting. Based on the results of surveys to several places in the Belinyu sub-district, most of these culinary craftsmen are home industries. They still process the food, especially the dough manually. This process affects the quality of the dough, which becomes uneven and hard. The dough is also difficult to become smooth. To make the dough smooth using this manual method, it will take a long time to stir in the stirring process. This causes delays in production time. The specific target of this community service activity is the establishment of a mutually beneficial relationship between Polman Babel and Partners. Partners will receive appropriate technical assistance in the form of mixer machines and production business management training. In order to solve the production problem, such as the quality and production capacity that must be achieved, an appropriate technology was made. The technology is a mixer machine with a dough capacity of 5 Kg/operation or 25 kg/hour using electromotor power. This machine is expected to solve the production problems faced by partners.</em></p> Boy Rollastin Yuliyanto Yuliyanto Yang Agita Rindri Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Polmanbabel 2021-03-18 2021-03-18 1 01 36 41