Lampu Sein Helm Sepeda Berbasis Voice Recognition

  • Indra Dwisaputra
  • Parulian Silalahi
  • Bayu Cahyawan
  • Imam Akbar
Keywords: arduino, bicycle helmet, bluetooth, microphone, sein light voice recognition

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Bicycles are not equipped with the turn signal. For driving safety, a bicycle helmet with a turn signal is designed with voice rrecognition. It is using the Arduino Nano as a controller to control the ON and OFF of turn signal lights with voice commands. This device uses a Voice Recognition sensor and microphone that placed on a bicycle helmet. When the voice command is mentioned in the microphone, the Voice Recognition sensor will detect the command specified, the sensor will automatically read and send a signal to Arduino, then the turn signal will light up as instructed, the Arduino on the helmet will send an indicator signal via the Bluetooth Module. The device is able to detect sound with a percentage of 80%. The tool can work with a distance of <2 meters with noise <71 db.


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